#BeautySoFreshAndSoClean - 3 Beauty Ingredients To Avoid

Clean Beauty - the umbrella term meaning organic, natural, safe and ethical ingredients found in beauty products. 

A term that can perhaps be confusing or merely overwhelming when it comes to picking the right face cream, lipstick, bb cream (the list goes on).

Why should we vouch for clean beauty? 

Well our skin is the biggest organ in our bodies (!) and absorbs just about everything we put onto it. If we care about what we eat and where our food comes from, we should care about what we feed our skin too right? 

But the label says so…

We all know we love to be convinced by promising labels - anti-wrinkle, anti-fatigue, volumising, long lasting, plumping. They might well do all those things - but the ingredients may well be causing serious harm to your body as well.

Here is a list of 3 ingredients* that can be found in most approved standard beauty products. (*There are way more than 3 ingredients but let’s start the conversation off lightly)


Parabens are the most widely used preservatives in beauty products. Parabens essentially stop your favourite creams and makeup going mouldy.

You’ll reconise them by names such as: methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben. These chemicals have caused debate amongst scientists about how they’re harmful to our health with possible links to breast cancer.


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a chemical used in things like toothpaste, shower gels, soaps, bath salts, makeup and cleaning products. It is what makes liquid products foam up. This chemical isn’t great because it can cause irritations to the skin. It’s best to avoid if you have sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis. Counterpart ingredients such as:  Lauryl sodium sulphate, Lauryl sulphate sodium salt, Sodium dodecyl sulphate, Sodium n-dodecyl sulphate are all similar and of the same family as SLS. 


Hot topic and to be banned in 2018. This is something I feel so passionate about too because these little tiny bits of plastic found in some exfoliators and body scrubs enter the ocean and essentially mess up the eco system and kill marine life. Products with the following will contain microbeads and should be avoided : PET, PTFE, PMMA. 

See my sparkly ongoing project on saving the oceans here.

Say NO to parabens, SLS & microplastics and say YES to #CleanBeauty

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