Current Faves: Vegan & Organic Beauty

Bonjour Beauties, hope you’re all well.

It’s my first day off in what feels like forever (not complaining!) and so I thought what better day to spend the morning blogging about a few of my current top used vegan, organic products. 

Below is a selection of products that have been waiting to be tried, tested, flat laid and papped. Also, since my piece on vegan & organic kit products went live, many of you have contacted me asking which vegan and organic products I can recommend. 

I have been loving oh so many products recently and so it’s really hard to list absolutely all of them as that would just confuse us all. But here is a selection of my current top used and faves. And of course I will start posting about more specific products and what they’re good for so watch out for that !  

Mascara & Brows: The Sport FX range have served my eye department so well in recent weeks. 

The mascara’s consistency is thick and so 2 coats of this and your lashes are vavavoom - super full and gorgeous! It is waterproof and sweat proof so taking it off with a bit of coconut oil does the trick.

For brows recently I have used the Sport FX Brow Pencil which also has a brush on the other end (v important for combing the brows in upwards motions for maximum bushy brow effect - my fave). The pencil adds a waxy texture to the brows which I love as it holds them in place all day. 

What’s great about these is they don’t contain parabens. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how ‘organic’ their natural oils are and I thought the mascara was vegan but it does actually contains beeswax (which for strict vegans is a big no). For me, the whole bee debate is..well debatable. Without bees we are dead so.. giving the bees organic farms to work their magic from is actually better in my eyes. Anyway! Vegan chat aside, these two babes are staples in my makeup bag now. Woop!

Moving on to le visage. As soon as I ran out of my beloved Benecos foundation I won a competition on instagram which meant I was allowed to choose a few things from Elate Cosmetics. It’s like the universes had aligned. Of course I went for the foundation and concealer. And I was not disappointed when first trying these. Foundation is super lightweight, amazing coverage and skin doesn’t feel caked.

The concealer is UHMAZING. Finally one that covers my dark winter circles. (Sun where you at?!) As Elate Cosmetics is all the way from Canada, I’m trying really hard to not use these everyday but rather save them for special occasions (shipping and taxes cost a bomb getting them sent over). Hopefully they’ll start selling them over here soon (please do if you’re reading this) :)

Not forgetting the brow balm and the highlighter. If I’m feeling a more bold brow I’ll grab an angled brush and use some of this new brow balm by Elate to accentuate my brow hairs with light brush strokes. The highlighter is one beautiful must have! Totally organic and who doesn’t like sparkles on their skin!?

The thing I love about Elate is that they value sustainable practices when producing their cosmetics. As well as being vegan and cruelty-free, they are also toxin free and their packaging is recyclable. Winning!

Sukin is totally up there for me when it comes to my daily skincare routine. Especially their facial scrub. When I was sent the lip balm to try I absolutely became hooked (lip balm addiction is totally a thing) It is certainly up there with the high end natural lip balms that I have tried. 

Sukin is a super natural brand using all products ‘that don’t cost the earth’. I’m a huge fan and of the scrub. You can read a funny rhyme review I wrote a few months ago here

My skin <3’s Sukin and I will definitely be adding the lipbalm to my kit.

I have been loving PHB’s hydrating moisturiser with Frankincense & Sandalwood. Handmade in the UK and certified organic so I knew my skin would love my for choosing this. It’s so good for the slightly colder winter months as it’s extremely hydrating and who doesn’t need that?! It’s also vegan and smells divine.

Last but not least, CAN WE ALL JUST TAKE A MOMENT.

Look at these amazing pink unicorn makeup brushes by Spectrum. I cannot wait to take them along to my next fun shoot. They’re synthetic aka vegan (not made from real animal hair), super soft and pink and beautiful.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and have been able to spot a few things you might want to try too. Keep your eyes peeled for the next few posts.

Mena xx

Read the article on my vegan and organic kit here:

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