Friday Night Hydration Ritual: Winter Edition

For the first time my skin doesn’t feel disgusting from all the winter torments it has to go through. I have been very strict about my day and night skin routines. Maybe I’m more grown up and responsible about taking care of my now ageing skin (there I said it), maybe it’s because I have turned away from countless glasses of prossecco at the weekends (f*ck you hangovers!), it is most definitely the vegan diet (1 year baby!) and now you’re probably thinking the same as me: It’s a combination of all of the above. Durhh!

I am a firm believer that a balanced lifestyle and a good skincare routine is the key to beauty inside and out.

The last few months I have made just as much time for taking my makeup off than putting it on. My boyfriend sometimes asks me where the hell I am because it definitely doesn’t take 25 minutes to brush your teeth. Truth be told I love it, I love caring for my skin and I think it needs seasonal attention.

Here are some gorge products I have been loving for unwinding the day and week.

I love to end my week with a hydration mask. Sukin is great for this. ‘skincare that doesn’t cost the earth’ - gotta love that! It’s paraben free and contains pineapple… I mean.. winning much?!

Heated buildings and super cold blistering winds mean drier skin.. so I tend to use Dr Roebucks ultimate hydrating serum before moisturising. It’s wonderful extra booster for my tired winter skin and has boosted the collagen in my skin - My face doesn’t look or feel like it’s begging for hydration and looks and feels more plump.

Following on from that I never forget to use my No.1 nourishing face serum by Vanderohe. MY OH MY. This is genuinely the best facial oil I’ve ever used on my skin. It’s a miracle product made of the highest grade organic essential oils sourced from countries all over the world. I actually take a deep breath and inhale the lovely smell before applying it all over my face. I feel it balances my mood before bedtime. It’s taken away my around the nose redness, slight eczema around my eyes and has generally balanced out my skin. LOVELY!

Honestly can’t get enough! Such a beautiful product and I’ll be damned when I run out of it. Lucky me got given it to sample. It’s pricey but WORTH every penny and can’t recommend it enough.

My lips are a nightmare this winter - I’ve been loving Balm Balm’s organic tea tree lip balm. If you’re like me and love a tingly minty lip this is the sh!t 

There we have it, some lovely products for a much needed TLC session.

Happy weekend.

Mena x 

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