5 ways to remove your makeup easily and ethically.

It’s time to scrap face wipes and cotton pads! You heard me.

I haven’t used either of the above to remove my makeup in over 2 years (ever since I discovered Neal’s Yard face wash when working there part-time) And it’s time you all did the same. 

Not only is it much much more hygienic to splash your face with fresh water and a squirt of natural cleanser, it’s also super quick, easy and a lot better for our precious environment. 

Did you know?

Wet wipes have become the fastest growing cause of pollution on our beaches. Not only are they clogging up coastlines and drain pipes, using wipes doesn’t actually remove dirt or makeup. They don’t clean your face at all.

“Cleansing wipes don’t effectively clean the skin,” explains celebrity aesthetician Renée Rouleau. “Instead, they just smear dirt, bacteria, oil and makeup across the face. It’s like applying cleanser to your face and then not washing it off, or skipping the rinse cycle of your laundry.”

The best way to remove makeup by far has to be the combination of a good cleanser, your hands and some fresh water.

Here are 5 affordable* organic cleansers that I swear by, all free from nasty parabens, synthetics, fragrance and silicones. 

* Whilst i say affordable, some of the products mentioned below are more expensive than others. This is because of the high quality organic ingredients they contain. Bearing in mind too that this way of cleansing is actually cost effective because you only need a small grape sized amount to your remove makeup every day. Therefore the cleansers should usually last up to a good few months if used on an everyday basis. See it as an investment for your skin too.

1.) Neal’s Yard, Wild Rose Beauty Balm (£40)

Suitable for all skin types, this is actually a multi purpose balm. I use it as a cleanser and moisturiser sometimes even a lip balm. It contains ingredients such as vitamin-rich wild rosehip seed oil - one of the most traditional and best remedies to treat all skin types, cannabis oil and rosemary leaf oil. I found that it worked brilliantly as a makeup remover, cleanser and moisturiser all in one and really balanced my skin at a time when I was stressed and had huge breakouts.

2.) Natural Wisdom Pomegranate Oil Gel Facial Cleanser (£20)

You know it’s a good one when you’re trying not to use up the last of it. Desperately trying hard to not let it be empty! This has the most interesting consistency. It feels so alive (?) and reacts to water. It contains really lovely active and organic ingredients - raw seed Pomegranate and Carrot oils, raw food grade Coconut oil and botanical extracts of Rosemary, Calendula, Chamomile to name a few. This stuff makes removing makeup breezy plus it’s super soothing on the skin. Highly recommend for any skin types. It’s also the perfect size for travelling.

3.) Neal’s Yard Rejuvinating Frankinscense Facial Wash (£17)

Considering everyone goes wild at the word Frankincense partly due to its luxury reputation, this is really quite affordable for what it is. It’s milky in colour and has a thin consistency (not too oily) It does its job well removing makeup whilst also gently cleansing tired city skin. Splashing my face with this feels is so relaxing because of the way it smells. It has an incredible aroma and leaves me ready for sweet dreams after use. Delicious (if one can say that about a beauty product, not sure.)

4.) Balm Balm Beauty Balm (£16.50)

How many times can you say ‘balm’ in 2 seconds?! I love this multi-purpose balm. It is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins, infused with a balance of precious seed oils and healing herbal extracts. Literally natural radiance at my fingertips. It’s good for exfoliating too - I usually use a hot muslin cloth when using it to remove dead skin cells. You know when you get those hot towels in restaurants / on aeroplanes?! Yeah it’s that but for your face. LUSH!

5.) Neal’s Yard Facial Wash Rose (£17)

Neal’s Yard does it once again. Now it looks like I’m plugging Neal’s Yard - I used to work for them and used my staff discount after every shift. I’ve kept these empty bottles partly because they’re too pretty to chuck, but also, ‘I will find a way to reuse them eventually’ (Anon. (Feb, 2018) Horders Annonymous). 

Joke aside I loved this while it lasted. It’s different to the Frankincense facial wash (above) as it’s clear in colour and therefore feels like more of a soap (for your face). I really like it and think it’s good for problematic skin as well as normal & sensitive skin. It’s gently foaming and contains aloe vera, rose otto and pink rose petals (not visible). Smells incredible (obv) and leaves skin feeling squeaky clean. I have to admit it didn’t completely remove mascara and I would use a balm around my eyes to get all eye makeup off but it’s a really lovely product if you fancy treating yourself to a lovely cleanser and aren’t sure which one to go for first.

I hope that this post has helped in some way. I genuinely don’t understand why removing makeup with horrible wipes is still a thing. I know that some people use micellar water with cotton pads and don’t get me wrong, Sukin’s Natural Micellar Water is amazing for makeup correction (usually mascara along top lash line, anyone else have that problem?!) But honestly, I think this way of removing your makeup is the most hygienic method for your skin and the best for the environment. I also can guarantee that you will never look back.


Friday Night Hydration Ritual: Winter Edition

For the first time my skin doesn’t feel disgusting from all the winter torments it has to go through. I have been very strict about my day and night skin routines. Maybe I’m more grown up and responsible about taking care of my now ageing skin (there I said it), maybe it’s because I have turned away from countless glasses of prossecco at the weekends (f*ck you hangovers!), it is most definitely the vegan diet (1 year baby!) and now you’re probably thinking the same as me: It’s a combination of all of the above. Durhh!

I am a firm believer that a balanced lifestyle and a good skincare routine is the key to beauty inside and out.

The last few months I have made just as much time for taking my makeup off than putting it on. My boyfriend sometimes asks me where the hell I am because it definitely doesn’t take 25 minutes to brush your teeth. Truth be told I love it, I love caring for my skin and I think it needs seasonal attention.

Here are some gorge products I have been loving for unwinding the day and week.

I love to end my week with a hydration mask. Sukin is great for this. ‘skincare that doesn’t cost the earth’ - gotta love that! It’s paraben free and contains pineapple… I mean.. winning much?!

Heated buildings and super cold blistering winds mean drier skin.. so I tend to use Dr Roebucks ultimate hydrating serum before moisturising. It’s wonderful extra booster for my tired winter skin and has boosted the collagen in my skin - My face doesn’t look or feel like it’s begging for hydration and looks and feels more plump.

Following on from that I never forget to use my No.1 nourishing face serum by Vanderohe. MY OH MY. This is genuinely the best facial oil I’ve ever used on my skin. It’s a miracle product made of the highest grade organic essential oils sourced from countries all over the world. I actually take a deep breath and inhale the lovely smell before applying it all over my face. I feel it balances my mood before bedtime. It’s taken away my around the nose redness, slight eczema around my eyes and has generally balanced out my skin. LOVELY!

Honestly can’t get enough! Such a beautiful product and I’ll be damned when I run out of it. Lucky me got given it to sample. It’s pricey but WORTH every penny and can’t recommend it enough.

My lips are a nightmare this winter - I’ve been loving Balm Balm’s organic tea tree lip balm. If you’re like me and love a tingly minty lip this is the sh!t 

There we have it, some lovely products for a much needed TLC session.

Happy weekend.

Mena x 

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#BeautySoFreshAndSoClean - 3 Beauty Ingredients To Avoid

Clean Beauty - the umbrella term meaning organic, natural, safe and ethical ingredients found in beauty products. 

A term that can perhaps be confusing or merely overwhelming when it comes to picking the right face cream, lipstick, bb cream (the list goes on).

Why should we vouch for clean beauty? 

Well our skin is the biggest organ in our bodies (!) and absorbs just about everything we put onto it. If we care about what we eat and where our food comes from, we should care about what we feed our skin too right? 

But the label says so…

We all know we love to be convinced by promising labels - anti-wrinkle, anti-fatigue, volumising, long lasting, plumping. They might well do all those things - but the ingredients may well be causing serious harm to your body as well.

Here is a list of 3 ingredients* that can be found in most approved standard beauty products. (*There are way more than 3 ingredients but let’s start the conversation off lightly)


Parabens are the most widely used preservatives in beauty products. Parabens essentially stop your favourite creams and makeup going mouldy.

You’ll reconise them by names such as: methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben. These chemicals have caused debate amongst scientists about how they’re harmful to our health with possible links to breast cancer.


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a chemical used in things like toothpaste, shower gels, soaps, bath salts, makeup and cleaning products. It is what makes liquid products foam up. This chemical isn’t great because it can cause irritations to the skin. It’s best to avoid if you have sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis. Counterpart ingredients such as:  Lauryl sodium sulphate, Lauryl sulphate sodium salt, Sodium dodecyl sulphate, Sodium n-dodecyl sulphate are all similar and of the same family as SLS. 


Hot topic and to be banned in 2018. This is something I feel so passionate about too because these little tiny bits of plastic found in some exfoliators and body scrubs enter the ocean and essentially mess up the eco system and kill marine life. Products with the following will contain microbeads and should be avoided : PET, PTFE, PMMA. 

See my sparkly ongoing project on saving the oceans here.

Say NO to parabens, SLS & microplastics and say YES to #CleanBeauty

All those fashion editorials…

All those fashion editorials and I can’t share any of them (yet). It’s frustrating but exciting to have prospects on the horizon. I’m desperate to share all the creative work I’ve been up to. But doing so would jeopardise the chances of them being published. 

Therefore I will have to restrain myself and post some of my favourite images from the past few months with you. 

Enjoy :) xxx

Credit: Maddie @ Linden Staub. Photo on film by Tom Goddard

Credit: Maddie @ Linden Staub. Photo

Published for Disorder Magazine. Photo by Alex Rod Studio

Published for Teeth Magazine. Photo on gilm by Sangwah Yim

Alesya @ Elite. Photo by Tomila Katsman.

Jordan Stephens for Wildhood/ Psycho Jam. Photo by Haris Nukem

Jordan Stephens for Wildhood/ Psycho Jam. Photo by Haris Nukem

Sparklebutt Launch. Photo on film by Ellen Pearson & edit by me.

Soraya @ Storm. Photo by Tomila Katsman

Soraya @ Storm. Photo by Tomila Katsman

Marion @ Elite. Photo by Tomila Katsman

Unpublished editorial. Photo by Chloe Delmonte

Elle Magazine for V by Very. Assisting Khandiz Joni

Still from Oliver Heldens ‘Ibiza ‘77’

Still from Oliver Heldens ‘Ibiza ‘77’Still from Oliver Heldens ‘Ibiza ‘77’

Still from Oliver Heldens ‘Ibiza ‘77’

M is for Mince Pie - Personal Project. Model Emily. Photo by Holly Rose Stones

Urban Outfitters ecomm.

Nighttime Skincare Routine for Winter

This week’s temperatures are dropping to below zero and John Lewis have released their Christmas advert. Therefore I consider it officially winter - the season that my evening skincare routine becomes a whole ritual because my skin always needs that extra TLC.

I always have such a love hate relationship with taking off my makeup and always try to cut corners. Alas, I am no longer in the ‘youthful skin’ bracket and I must be strict about removing it every night unlike my younger years where day 2 mascara was maybe even a thing. Since discovering oil cleansers I find the whole process a lot easier though. Ageing skin aside, cleansing with oils is the way forward. I find it lifts all my makeup and dirt off my face really easily, is really quick and actually beneficial to my skin in comparison to say face wipes. Also it means I save on cotton pads which I try not to use many of for environmental reasons. 

When I first tried this oil gel cleanser from Natural Wisdom I knew I was onto a winner. Its main ingredients are a beautiful and organic blend of pomegranate, carrot and coconut oil as well as rosemary, chamomile and calendula. It’s not too oily either and removes my makeup in a swish. The fact that its ingredients are super nourishing, raw and organic too  is a huge plus for me.

I was recently sent some vegan skincare products from The Body Shop. And after I heard that they are wanting to go cleanER with their skincare I couldn’t help but fall in love with their Drops of Youth range. 

I have been using the Youth Liquid Peel twice a week (although it is suggested once) because my skin has honestly gone so dry and scaly in the past few weeks from heating and lack of sunshine. This stuff is amazing, one pump removes all of the dead skin quite amazing really as it literally comes off on your fingers. 

I then tend to tone and prep my skin before moisturising by massaging in the Youth Essence Lotion. This process cleanses it down to an absolute T removing all the last of the oils.

Once my skin feels all smooth I move onto the Youth Emulsion serum. Although it says to apply every morning I have been using it in the evening addition to moisturising to try and restore some of my skin’s lost plumpness. It’s infused with thyme and buddleia extract and enriched with Community Trade babassu oil (love!)

Ok so extra moisturiser is a must for me. At this stage I’m in bed trying to reply to last messages whilst lightly tapping onto my skin some of this beautifulllllll damask rose facial oil by Green People. Again, I’m obsessed with any facial oil and and wear it almost every night to bed (sometimes I switch it up with a heavier moisturiser - see my last blog post on that) I think it really makes a huge difference to the elasticity and general texture of my skin without blocking pored. I am so in love its the smell too. This is special limited edition so if you’re an oil fanatic like me I would jump on board quickly! 

Lack of daylight hours meands lack of sunshine and for someone that suffers from SAD I can only protect myself and spray one pump of Vitamin D spray onto my tongue. I’ve found it has helped my energy levels so far. I got mine from Holland Barrett. If my lips are feeling dry I’ll pop some Sukin balm on and some Vitamin e oil my cuticles. I ALSO try and read - at the moment it’s A Thousand Splendid Suns. Have you read it? 

Mena xx

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